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Fraternity Project

The memorial is a result of an early effort of ‘Alpha Phi Alpha’ fraternity to erect a monument to ‘King’. ‘King’ was a member of the fraternity, initiated into the organization via ‘Sigma Chapter’ on June 22, (1952), while he was attending ‘Boston University’.

‘King’ remained involved with the fraternity after the completion of his studies, including delivering the keynote speech at the fraternity ’50th anniversary’ banquet in (1956). In (1968), after ‘King’ assassination, ‘Alpha Phi Alpha’ proposed erecting a permanent memorial to ‘King’ in ‘Washington, D.C.’ The fraternity efforts gained momentum in (1986), after ‘King’ birthday was designated a national holiday. In (1996), the ‘United States Congress’ authorized the ‘Secretary of the Interior’ to permit ‘Alpha Phi Alpha’ to establish a memorial on ‘Department of Interior’ lands in the ‘District of Columbia’, giving the fraternity until November (2003) to raise $100 million and break ground.

In (1998), Congress authorized the fraternity to establish a foundation – the ‘Washington, D.C.’ ‘Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation’ – to manage the memorial fundraising and design, and approved the building of the memorial on the ‘National Mall’.

In (1999), the ‘United States Commission of Fine Arts’ [CFA] and the ‘National Capital Planning Commission’ [NCPC] approved the site location for the memorial.