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‘Seinfeld’ ran for nine seasons on ‘NBC’ from July 5, (1989), to May 14, (1998). It was created by ‘Larry David’ and ‘Jerry Seinfeld’.

Set predominantly in an apartment block in ‘Manhattan Upper West Side’ in ‘New York City’, the show features a handful of ‘Jerry’ friends and acquaintances, particularly best friend ‘George Costanza’ [Jason Alexander], former girlfriend ‘Elaine Benes’ [Julia Louis-Dreyfus], and neighbor across the hall ‘Cosmo Kramer’ [Michael Richards].

A critical favorite, commercial blockbuster and cultural phenomenon, the show led the ‘Nielsen’ ratings in its sixth and ninth seasons. ‘Seinfeld’ began as a 23 minute pilot named ‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’. Created by standup comedian ‘Jerry Seinfeld’ and writer ‘Larry David’, developed by ‘NBC’ executive ‘Rick Ludwin’, and produced by ‘Castle Rock Entertainment’.

The pilot was filmed at ‘Stage 8’ of ‘Desilu Cahuenga studios’, the same studio where ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ was filmed.

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