Shoah Holocaust

The biblical word ‘Shoah’, became the standard ‘Hebrew’ term for the ‘Holocaust’ as early as the (1940), especially in ‘Europe’ and ‘Israel’, the term ‘Holocaust’ comes from the ‘Greek’ word ‘Holókauston’.

Was the mass murder or genocide of approximately six million ‘Jews’ during ‘World War II’, a programme of systematic state-sponsored murder by ‘Nazi’ ‘Germany’, led by ‘Adolf Hitler’ and the ‘Nazi Party’, throughout the ‘German Reich’ and ‘German’ occupied territories.

Over one million ‘Jewish’ children were killed in the ‘Holocaust’, as were approximately two million ‘Jewish’ women and three million ‘Jewish’ men, including those of ‘Soviet’ prisoners of war, ‘Polish’ and ‘Soviet’ civilians, and homosexuals.


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