Ēostre Sunday

The ‘New Testament’ teaches that the resurrection of ‘Jesus’, which ‘Easter’ celebrates, is a foundation of the ‘Christian faith’.

‘Easter’ or ‘Resurrection Sunday’ celebrating the resurrection of ‘Jesus Christ’ from the dead described in the ‘New Testament’ three days after his crucifixion at ‘Calvary’, called ‘Holy Week’ contains the days of the ‘Easter Triduum’ commemorating the crucifixion and death of ‘Jesus’, ‘Easter’ is linked to the ‘Jewish Passover’ by much of its symbolism, as well as by its position in the calendar.

In many languages, the words for ‘Easter’ and ‘Passover’ are identical or very similar ‘Easter’ is linked to the ‘Passover’ and ‘Exodus’ from ‘Egypt’ recorded in the ‘Old Testament’ through the ‘Last Supper’ and crucifixion that preceded the resurrection.

‘Christians’, through faith in the working of ‘God’ are spiritually resurrected with ‘Jesus’ so that they may walk in a new way of life.


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